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In 2016 LightComm has released and successfully deployed at many of its customers a variety of new Contact Center products: from Contact Center appliances for SMB to a full range of Enterprise Contact Center end-to-end software modules

What are these products and solutions?

For SMB market:

LightComm offers an easily configurable appliance with ACD, Call Recording and state-of-the-art Reporting and Analytics tool. The appliance is available in both, On-Premises and Cloud-based options. The Appliance is compatible with virtually all VOIP platforms on the market, such as Avaya, Allworx, Fonality, Asterisk (all versions), Samsung and many others. The LightComm Contact Center appliance offer is feature-rich and very aggressively priced (e.g. to successfully compete against such offerings, as Avaya IP Office).

For ENTERPRISE market:

LightComm has a variety of modular-based software technologies this year, covering all aspects of the contact center operation: IVR, IVR cradle-to-grave reporting, IVR Analysis Tools, ACD, Outbound Dialer (Preview, Progressive and Predictive), Standard and Custom Reporting, All-inclusive Call and Screen Capture Recording (LightRecord) and more. All modules may work independently (and be complementary to the existing Enterprise Contact Center infrastructure) or may be delivered as one contiguous system to replace the legacy Contact Center solution.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – is an all-inclusive action-based drag-and-drop tool to create infinite possibilities for self-service applications. Compatible with all DB engines, IVR has read/write capabilities, speech recognition, text-to-speech, outbound options, including voice and SMS and many more features.

IVR Cradle-to-Grave Reporting – is a proprietary technology that allows to capture all the caller’s step-by-step actions within the IVR and presenting the information in a variety web-based reports.

IVR Analysis Tools – are based on the IVR Cradle-to-Grave reporting and allows the Contact Center operations managers optimize the IVR call flow, measure IVR containment rate and offer summaries for custom business metrics related to an Enterpise self-service and customer loyalty programs.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – is an all-inclusive feature-rich Inbound-Outbound (including blending) system for live customer support. Designed for the Enterprise market, the LightComm ACD offers almost infinite configuration options and features through an easy-to-manage System Administration console.

Outbound Dialer – a state-of-the art Outbound engine to run outbound campaigns with live agents, voice recordings, SMS and e-mails. Dialer is offered in three types: Progressive, Preview and Predictive.

Standard and Custom Reporting – supports all ACD and Dialer features, including custom reports from combined data sources (e.g. ACD, Dialer and local CRM).

LightRecord – is an all-inclusive VOIP call and agent’s screen capture recorder that is compliant with many Federal and State regulations and offers long term storage, retrieval, grouping, annotation and analysis tools.

Based on stellar references from all existing LightComm customers, any and all technological improvements of their contact centers resulted in substantial and measurable cost savings and customer loyalty improvements. Examples range from optimizing the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to a full end-to-end contact center migration from legacy platforms to the LightComm software systems (including a full redundancy options for on-premises operations). The LightComm professional services team is offering an end-to-end services for all of the modern Enterprise Contact Center operation: starting from needs analysis (a FREE offering – Click Here ), through project management, design, implementation, testing, cutover, knowledge transfer and all levels of training and certifications.

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