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For ALL VOIP Technology Partners and Corporate Enterprises with Contact Centers
A new offer from LightComm in 2016
A FREE end-to-end assessment of your contact centers, including a detailed analysis report, infrastructure configuration documentation and recommendations towards contact center operation optimization

Light Communications, Inc. has released a variety of new software technologies this year, including OnPremises- and Cloud-based modular products covering all aspects of the contact center operation: IVR, IVR cradle-to-grave reporting, IVR analysis tools, ACD, Outbound Dialer (Preview, Progressive, Predictive), All-inclusive Call and Screen Capture Recording and more. Click Here for more information on individual LightComm products for SMB and Enterprise markets.

Combined with 15 years of successful experience delivering and optimizing complex contact center solutions to the US enterprise customers, LightComm is proud to offer a FREE technological and operational assessment of your contact center, resulting in a detailed report.

What are the benefits of this FREE offer?

* You get an independent audit of the contact center operational efficiency

* You get an analysis of potential weaknesses in the contact center architecture

* You get a list of recommendations of technological improvements to address the weaknesses

* You get a cost-savings comparative analysis of implementing possible technological improvements

Based on stellar references from all existing LightComm customers, any and all technological improvements of their contact centers resulted in substantial and measurable cost savings and customer loyalty improvements. Examples range from optimizing the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to a full end-to-end contact center migration from legacy platforms to the LightComm software systems (including a full redundancy options for on-premises operations).

The objective of this program from LightComm is to recommend the corporate enterprise customers new ways to achieve specific business goals (e.g. customer retention and growth, increased ROI on marketing campaigns, “containment rate” in the IVR vs ACD volumes, minimizing the labor costs, maintenance and continuity of the legacy contact centers, etc.)

As a part of this LightComm offering, there are separate programs of training and certification on all the LightComm-offered software solutions for VOIP partners and consultants (fees apply).

Click Here to get details on our free assessments and business solutions programs

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