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The LightComm's best-selling software TellMe (Compredo) has been popular among the CallMiner's Eureka power users in 2016 -

Widely accepted among the CallMiner's user community, TellMe (Comprendo) software enables all Eureka's new and legacy customers to accurately pinpoint, distinguish and mark the actual spoken language between the callers and contact center agents for the duration of each conversation and business transaction.

TellMe (Comprendo) software provides a transparent layer between the customer's recording systems for Eureka and daily uploads into Eureka -

With LightComm's TellMe (Comprendo) software the daily recording volumes are pre-processed and individually marked with a tag for the actual spoken language.

For example, if a recording was from an English-language queue, but most of the conversation between the caller and the contact center agent was actually conducted in Spanish language - TellMe (Comprendo) software marks such a recording as "Actual Spanish".

Alternatively, if a recording from a Spanish-language queue was conducted in most part in actual spoken English language - then this recording is marked by TellMe (Comprendo) software as "Actual English".

The LightComm's TellMe (Comprendo) software has been well-received and highly praised at the CallMiner's "Listen 2016" User Conference in Clearwater, Florida in November 2016 -

The praise for TellMe (Comprendo) software's accuracy, importance, business value and return on investment has been acknowledged by both, the CallMiner's Eureka power users and the CallMiner's Product Development and Sales teams.

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